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The Year of the Visible Wedding Shoes

On a normal day finding the right pair of shoes is a hassle, on your wedding day it’s a nightmare. Most brides are caught up in favors and decorations’, making sure that the theme of their wedding is working out and at the top of that list of things needed for the wedding is, of course the wedding dress, with wedding shoes probably not even making the list. The importance of shoes is overlooked by many until the final days when last minute minor details are being looked into.

That's not to say that brides don't buy shoes for their wedding, but the chances are that they are bought at the end in most cases, and usually brides have to settle on a pair that detracts from their dress. In the past wedding dresses tended to be floor length and white. The majority of the time bride’s shoes weren't seen and by the time they were, the wedding party was already in full swing. With trends changing brides need to realize that just like the dress wedding shoes are important.

With the trends changing from long to short Wedding dresses and of different hues, the shoes of a bride are visible and noticeable. No longer can she just settle on a pair. To settle on a pair could mean disaster. The wrong pair of shoes can destroy the beauty of her dress. With brides wearing different hues, it is essential that the wedding shoes be given the same importance as the dress. Shoes are no longer hidden, they are now out in the open, and depending on the theme a bride might rhinestones on her shoes to match her dress or the theme of her wedding. Leaving the shoes until the end is a dire mistake. If left to the end there is a chance the right color that matches the dress isn't found. Not all shades of hues can be found and if the shades are available they might not be in the style that suits the wedding dress Some brides may have to have custom made shoes or span out their search to remote areas to find the perfect show to match their perfect dress.

Much like the dress, shoes have become a priority when deciding the look and theme you have for your wedding. If the right shoes are not available the entire bridal look could be off. You don’t want old granny shoes with a glorious red knee length dress. So when making your list make sure shoes are on the same line as your dress to ensure you get the complete look you want.

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