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The World Of Christmas Sexy Lingerie

Christmas sexy lingerie has always been a perfect way for a woman to feel more confident about herself and her body. While originally only meant as a garb to cover yourself during sleep, nowadays it is a perfect piece of clothing to accentuate certain parts of the female body while lessening the focus on other parts such as the waistline. Read on and find out how to spot the most gracious and sexy styles to feel confident and sensual.

Two very popular Christmas women clothing pieces of lingerie are the chemise and the babydoll dress. While many people have issues distinguishing the two, there are some slight differences. The chemise is the older of the two garbs, dating from the early Middle Ages of Europe. Back then, chemises were made out of linen. Today, much more subtle materials for both babydolls and chemises are used, such as silk, chiffon and satin.

The best description for Christmas sexy lingerie babydolls would be that they are short, sleeveless nightgowns with shoulder straps. The material of this dresses are usually very thin and are tight around the body. Both the babydoll dress as the chemise is nipped in at the waist and flows more freely at the bottom. The main purpose of this nip is to minimize the waistline and to accentuate the thighs. The babydoll dress is shorter than the chemise, reaching only to the upper thighs and therefore is the more seductive and risque between the two. For this reason, Christmas sexy lingerie and babydolls are sometimes sold with matching panties.

Chemises do not reach this high and are generally a bit more compact around the body. The length of chemises can be various, reaching to the thighs, to the ankles or to somewhere in between of both. Both pieces of lingerie can be heavily accented and decorated with bows and ruffles and come with ribbons and lace.  Find all about the most amazing Christmas sexy lingeriealternatives. Other pieces of night garment that often get mixed up with babydolls and chemises are nightgowns and negligees. Night gowns, in general, are longer compared to both Christmas babydoll tops dresses and chemises and are a more generic term for any kind of dress that a woman would wear when going to bed. A negligee is usually a long, flowing night garment but in some cases they can be short also, making them very similar to a baby doll dress.

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