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The Ultimate New Years Eve Decorations Ideas

Planning to spend the holidays in New York? Do you know how to decorate a hall and what to wear in new york? Christmas and New Years decoration is usually the same for all parties, however more and more people are betting on making a few small changes and make a different night for New Year's Eve and New Year decoration. SomeNew Years eve decorations ideas are linked to changing the Christmas tree and adding decorative features.

The New Years eve decorations element this year, which comes in handy with vintage decor, the wallpaper is wallpaper. Yes, in soft colors with subtle drawings, whether stripes ( horizontal and vertical ), flowers in one or two colors, or simple drawings. No two topical use of vibrant seventies as electric purple and orange colors, geometric patterns or complicated bacteria ( those that produce dizziness.) Are the ones to give the note the next 2014. For one target, especially in walls and the main movable.

Starting from the entrance, you have to do is change the decor of the door and the hall in which one clearly sees that the New Year 2014 is celebrated, for it can make a decorative cards you write the number year, this also serves to decorate the New Year's Eve, and can take cards to put the name of the person who should take the seat as well as a nice phrase to congratulate 2014.As in 2013, the vintage fashion trend continues to prevail. Combine some furniture or antique ornaments or have this appearance (but in good condition both visually and in terms of its functionality ), along with more modern , award a tasteful touch to your home decor. If you have wrought iron items for , the better. In this sense, the tables and mirrors for the hall are ideal and comfortable. Also, remember to find out what to wear to a christmas party and to the New Years party. This will allow you to add the final touch.

Furthermore, blue, and New Years eve decorations presentations in different brightness are in. A very original and eye-catching touch would be to apply the same color for both walls and furniture, but would also be very chic, for example, those painted it white and you placed a sofa in royal blue. For party rooms  the beige color is most appropriate in this some time ago, the trend was to use a few decorative elements , highlighting one main furniture. This was the so-called minimalist style. New Years eve decorations and Fashion in 2014 is totally contrary, perhaps interpreting the spirit of the crisis. As the top decorators follow the idea that now we can use it all.

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