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The Stunningly Beautiful Peacock Wedding Theme

The most attractive wedding theme inspired by beautiful birds is ‘Peacock Wedding Theme’.  Peacock is a symbol of beauty and so the colourful feathers or a peacock are a big trend in the weddings. The feathers design is used everywhere from flowers to stationery to wedding cakes. The blue, teal, gold and green colour combination looks stunning. Radiant colours of peacock feather accent the most special day. Staging a peacock wedding theme is a way to move away from the traditional wedding settings and make the big day more personified and fun! Amazing and elegant colors in peacock feathers at peacock wedding theme serves as useful ideas for color of bridal attire, the table scape decoration, seating decoration and favors.  Starting with the accessories, the bridal bouquet can be made from peacock feathers itself.  In combination to feathers, the bouquet can also have natural colourful flowers as rose and tulips. Wrapping the bouquet with a colourful satin ribbon will sweeten its design. After bouquet comes the decoration of wedding place. You can decorate the place with satin bows and for a lovely touch you can attach peacock feathers to each bow. Place the peacock feathers on the place card tables. Make a peacock coloured guest book for guests. Put your wedding cake on the table which is covered with a cloth that has designs of peacock feathers on it. Add the colourful feathers to the top of the cake. This design of table cloth and decoration on cake will make it look stunning. From peacock wedding theme glasses to wedding plates, each can have a touch of fine elegance that the bird displays. Peacock feathers can also be used in flower vase which can then be used as a centrepiece.

The options for wedding favour in peacock wedding theme are in plenty. Peacock shaped cookies, glass peacock magnets, peacock shaped envelop holder, peacock brooch and peacock heart wedding glasses are some of the options that you can consider. Taking cues from stunning vibrant colours of feathers, you can create a colourful and lively atmosphere at the wedding or reception. Whichever wedding theme you choose to celebrate your big day, you must keep in mind one thing that theme should not be overdone. Display the theme with delicacy. For example, if you choose peacock  wedding color theme, then try to include artificial decor material along with real peacock feather. A mix and match of artificial and natural things looks more admirable than overusing a single thing to decor every object.  

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