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The Simple, Pretty yet Romantic Tea Party Wedding Theme

Do you love the elegant tea table decoration in the evening? If yes than not surprising as you can use the tea as a concept for wedding and celebrate tea party wedding theme. The idea starts with serving your guests an afternoon. Serving an afternoon tea at the wedding is unique and economical. The idea beautifies if along with tea you serve the desserts which have same colour as that of a traditional tea and the idea concludes if you give favours to guests in pretty tea jars.

You can choose an open outdoor like a large garden or a small backyard of your home for holding a tea party wedding theme. The choice of location/ venue depends on number of factors such as the number of guests being invited at the event and the total budget that you have set aside or plan to spend on the occasion. Generally the tea party gatherings are supposed to be a group of few close friends. And the theme is selected if you have a limited budget for the occasion. The factors which rule the selection of tea party theme aim to give a relaxed outdoor feel to your guests.

Tea party wedding theme is not about great pomp and show. It is about closeness, romanticism and gossips as generally happens on the tea table at evening. It is about sharing and caring. Tea table is a place where family members gather and talk about few things as how the day went and what their future planning is. A tea table restores the faith and love of family members among each other.  The aura of tea party at wedding gets displayed through the crockery that you choose to serve tea in and the hospitality by which tea is served to the guests.

While doing marriage preparation, you should take special care while picking the crockery for the occasion. There are two prime choices with you, first is to pick something that defines the current trend. Search and find the hot selling crockery and buy it for your special day. Second choice that you have is to search for old designs which match the times of early 50’s and 20’s. Pick the crockery which makes the setting look chic. You can bargain for crockery at the charity shops and antique centres at your place and use it at your simple and pretty tea party wedding theme.

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