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The Ritualistic Indian Wedding Themes

India is an exotic country and Indian weddings are lavish, full of fun and spirit. Vibrant and bright hue of colours, gorgeous, designer and stylish clothes, foot tapping music, large dance floors and hot, spicy and sizzling food, Indian weddings have it all. It is fun to plan and stage the extraordinary attractive Indian wedding themes.

An Indian wedding themes is a perfect idea if you want your guests to witness something unexpected, something unique and different than the ordinary western country themed wedding. There is not any typical style in which Indian weddings are celebrated. In every part of India the celebrations of the wedding is done in a different way. There are many cultures in India and so are the wedding celebrations to match those cultures. Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujrati, Tamil and Kashmiri weddings have different concepts.

The secret of each wedding lies in the preparation for the Indian wedding theme. You need not have a large budget to stage an Indian wedding. Even the low cost and simple things add many unique things to the event. Let us take you through some of the popular Indian wedding themes:
  1. Punjabi Wedding: Punjabi weddings are one of the most ritualistic weddings celebrated in India. The Punjabi extravagant weddings are celebrated with lots of fun. Punjabi weddings are lively, cheerful, musical and overall colourful. The real joy of Punjabi weddings starts much before the actual wedding day. The celebrations start at least 1 week prior to the wedding day. Roka a tradition in Punjabi is a declaration of boy’s and girl’s commitment to each other. The families of bride and groom exchange gifts and sweets with each other on the day of roka. The exchange of gifts on roka is followed by small musical treat for all. After the day of roka starts other traditions for weddings such as Chuni, Bhaat, Sagan, Vatna, Kvar Dhoti, Chooda, Ghodi , Sehrabandi, Milni, Jaimala and Phera. Some of these traditions are held at bride’s place and some at groom’s place and the Sehrabandi, Milni, Jaimala and Phera are a part of actual wedding day celebrations.
  2. Goan Weddings: The Goan weddings are a replica of western beach wedding theme. Goa in India is known for its beaches. The Goan theme showcases cross cultural weddings. Indian themed wedding celebrated in Goan style brings out the uniqueness and romanticism. The glorious sunset , amazingly beautiful decoration and endless sea impress the guests and is also a symbol of happy go lucky spirits.

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