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The perfect prom dress

Having a perfect prom night is the dream of every girl; thus ensuring that uniqueness and style are both incorporated in her prom dress is the one and only ultimate goal. During this highly anticipated night, every girl wants to look outstanding and attractive as possible. However some end up overdoing it thus in the end having a too much over worked dress which cannot be said to be appropriate for a formal occasion such as the prom. To avoid this, here are some of the factors to consider in finding that appropriate prom dress. [caption id="attachment_17365" align="aligncenter" width="550"]prom dress prom dress[/caption] Always ensure that you do not choose a dress because it looks appropriate on a certain model you saw. Similarly don’t go for a dress simply because it is in fashion. Always note that not every dress is appropriate for everyone. So, always know your body size and shape, know what complements you best and which dress if worn would make you look and feel more comfortable. You don’t want to purchase a dress that is going to make you feel in the wrong place or as if you are the only odd one out. So make it simple and elegant and always go for the one that depicts your personality. When it comes to color, you can go for any color you find most appealing to you. However avoid colors that will not complement your facial and body complexion, or ones that are not appropriate for the event. Consider the dressing code and purchase a dress that is in line with the prom theme provided. You can always go for natural colors in the case whereby you are not sure which color is appropriate. Black for example is an all time classic best for most people and is always comfortable to be in. [caption id="attachment_17367" align="aligncenter" width="550"]perfect prom dress perfect prom dress[/caption] Don’t forget that this is a formal event; go for a dress that is within the restricted codes of a formal dress. One that is too tight and short should be avoided. This makes you look more indecent other than formal. A long dress will make you look more feminine and add a sense of romance in you as well. Consider the season too. Never go with a dress that is not comfortable in regards of heat and cold protection. If the event is being held on a cold winter night, ensure that you purchase a dress that is warm and heavy. A cotton dress for example would do. In case you don’t have it, throw a scarf around you to keep you warm.

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