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The Mysterious Wedding Veils

From the beginning of time Brides have always tried to remain apart from the crowd on their wedding days, many trying to attain a sense of aloofness and mysteriousness. Brides have tried changing the styles of dresses, going long then short. Some even chose different colors over white hoping to become a mysterious aspect, at their own weddings. Others chose venues to create a sense of mystery and magic. Some were lucky and achieved, others no matter how hard they tried were unable to achieve it.

There is an easy way, a simpler way, a more efficient way by which the bride can become a mysterious figure before being seen at the altar. wedding veils, uncomplicated and simple, can do so much. If we go back through history and look at various cultures, we will find that the veil on the day of the wedding for a bride was mandatory. The notion was it kept the ‘evil eye’ away from the bride, because of how beautiful she looked. The veil was also a way to keep the beauty of the bride to be from any other man, the first man to view her beauty should be her husband once they sealed their bond in front of God. At which point the veil was lifted and the new husband was the first to view his beautiful bride.

With the change in times, the need for a veil has almost disappeared, but what the wedding veils can do for the wedding and the bride hasn’t. If a bride wants to have a look of mystery and somberness, then a veil will achieve it. A bride walking down the aisle with a veil holds a different elegance. She brings the new with the old. Her soon to be husband will be the first to set eyes on her as she lifts it, whether it’s before the exchange of vows or after. It gives the bride an airy look, one apart from the crowd. Even though most veils are almost transparent, just the notion of something beneath a covering gives it allure an extra seductive aspect. You can’t wait to see what she looks like underneath it.

Wedding veils provide a bride with a sense of regality and uniqueness that cannot be attained by a beautiful dress alone. Veils can be adorned with rhinestones and beads of pearls to give them beauty and sophistication. A veil brings elegance and serenity to the bride that nothing else can, no jewellery or accessory can match. A veil brings a unique quality all its own.

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