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The most beautiful honeymoon paradise African lahm

Lamb is a is located in northeastern Kenya Africa tropical islands in the Indian Ocean which has been called the most beautiful places in the world and list into in the world heritage list. Big-name Bill Gates in order to better appreciate the lamb of the sunrise and sunset, in Island opposite of the African continent bought land and built the house. The local African tube lhamo island called heaven.


In a small plane from Nairobi to Island to nearly two hours, in the last few minutes voyage, blue bay, green jungle and white buildings under our feet woven into a picture very picture.

From little lamb out of the airport, we rode the Arab come down the dhow (the local people called the dhow) to Island, hotel to meet our island boy with smile and tell us: 600 years ago, Zheng he's voyage to Kenya (scenic spot for details), the first landing is lahm island.

Now Museum there is a few centuries since Chinese ancient porcelain, textile, NBA, even manual noodle maker. It was said that many Chinese sailors due to the damage that the vessel had to settle down here, now Across the island a pat on the Thai island there is a call Shanghai (scenic spot for details) village, the village most people have Chinese descent. Island is lamb island is most densely populated a island, there are 17000 people, 99% of the population is Muslim, so in this concentration, because only lamb island to hit not salty groundwater.clip_image002

Step into the island of defense that moment I couldn't help wondering, this is Africa? With the white wall around a fine narrow alleys dressed in a black package himself a opaque woman, head of the island hat man, and with the bag around the carry the donkey, the sea and the berth of the boat and color dense Dhow - lamb is a complete medieval island world, no wonder City in 2001 is income world cultural heritage.

Arab traders on the island to island not only brought the Muslim civilization, also the donkey brought to the island. Now the lamb "donkey island" is well known in the world, this island only traffic tool is the donkey. Only 17000 people in the island incredibly donkey 6000 head. The donkey is the island life indispensable partner, because the cargo transportation basic depend on the donkey, besides which is on the human to pull of flat car. So the donkey in the enjoy high status.


In this delicious canton but don't say "sky dragon meat, underground donkey meat, boss, on one dish of meat" - the consequences will be very serious. Even on the island there is a donkey hospital, special to the island sick donkey free treatment, who lost her mother and feeding the small donkey. In the lane the coast walkers "donkey has become the island scenery, ride donkey become tourists try of the game.clip_image004

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