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The Memorable Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

Planning a Fairy tale wedding is one of the most enchanting events of one’s lifetime as fairy tale wedding theme is among the top 5 wedding themes across the globe. A Fairy tale wedding theme is mostly based on characters like the Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. One can make his or her wedding truly memorable by coming up with various innovative ideas and imagination. The idea behind fairy tale wedding started as people believe in mythical stories and wonderful fairytales. Concept The couple can choose from wide variety of concepts for fairy tale wedding such as Shrek, Aladdin, The Lion King , Romeo and Juliet . Some Concepts involve Fairies, Angels, Prince and Princesses. Themes Various fairy tale wedding themes can be designed such as Wizard of Oz wedding which involves creating a museum full of props of the film and clothes, a yellow brick road and artificial balloon ride. Another fairy tale wedding theme can be Musical Festival wedding which involves everybody to be dressed as Music star and even the plates are created as CD types .Other popular Fairy tale wedding themes are Indian-Themed Wedding ,Aviation inspired wedding , Nature themed Wedding , Halloween Wedding , Beach Wedding , and many more.

Location & Decoration The Location which is most ideal for a fairy tale wedding is A Castle or a Royal Palace but one can also do it at their garden or lawn with beautiful flowers. One can be very imaginative by installing Disney like Characteristics or Fairies. Choosing the Wedding dress A fairy tale wedding theme requires the Bride-to-be dressed in fairytale style wedding gown and  Groom-to-be dressed as Knight in Shining armor. The wedding gown is ball type gown which is fitted with sequins and beadings .Arrival of the Bride and Groom can be done in Horse-and-carriage Ride to give it a royal touch. Cakes A wedding cake is an integral part of every wedding and there are many fairytale-type cake options available in market. A fairy tale wedding cake can look like a Castle with Fairy Figures , Flowers , fruits , Dragon flies Dinner Dinner for a Fairy tale wedding must be Splendid and Lavish. The tables can be covered with beautiful Shining White Colored Cloths and food can be served in shiny and silvered or gold colored crockery.

Favours Wedding Favor is unique and beautiful way to say thank you to your guests. Various types of Princess glass slippers , pumpkin coach keepsakes , fairy tale shoe favours can be used in  a Fairy tale style wedding.

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