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The ideal places for your summer wedding theme

When planning a wedding you have the privilege of selecting a theme of your own choice. It might be difficult deciding on the ideal theme for your wedding given the various themes at hand ranging from simple to complex ones. Planning a wedding can be thrilling, but planning a summer wedding is even a far better experience. With summer wedding themes there are a number of things you can do unlike other times of the year.

The most popular setting that people think of when they hear of summer wedding theme is the beach. Imagine tying the knot in a setting where the natural breeze is your air conditioner with smooth soothing waves as your music. It is not only exciting but also very romantic.  If you plan to have a beach wedding then  you have to be prepared to start everything from scratch. This is because unlike other settings like hotels where wedding facilities are readily available, not everything is available in the beach.

How to go about it

 The first step is to organize in advance with certain resort owners to offer you the facilities they have. You can then choose those that you will need for your wedding. Doing this early before the wedding day allows you to acquire facilities from another place if that certain resort does not offer all the facilities you need.

Once you have the facilities needed to set a beach wedding, think about the guests who will be attending your wedding. Consider if they can all make it to attend your wedding in the beach owing to transport factors as well as accommodation. There are those guests who will be travelling from far and will definitely not make it back in time. Some can afford to rent a place to spend the night while others cannot.

You can opt for a different setting for your summer wedding theme. Have a simple garden wedding where a few guests can attend. The flowers in the garden add a romantic feeling to the wedding. Its beauty is attractive to the eyes and the sweet scent it offers can be exciting. The only problem with this is that not everyone has a garden to conduct their ceremonies or they can have one that has limited space.

You don’t have to worry though since there are dealers who offer gardens for a certain fee. You simply need to book it in advance and have a successful summer wedding theme at the garden.

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