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The Hottest 2013 Summer Trends

Now that winter’s over with and summer’s right around the corner it’s time to take a look at the hottest 2013 summer trends.  Vintage is making a huge comeback, with bold print graphics, and monochrome colors.  Giant stripes, floral patterns, anything that screams vintage era fashion is hot this year.  If you want to best your fashionista friends though, take those giant stripes and patterns to a whole new level with a dose of geometric marvelousness.  Why settle for even stripes, when geometry is so much more exciting? Monochrome colors are plain, simple, elegant, and all the rage.  Who said black and white had to be boring?  Monochrome’s been tearing down the runways, and there’s no sign this trend is fading fast.   If you want to take monochrome one step further though, try tricolor geometry.  Add a blue or a red to your favorite monochrome pattern, and turn heads with your vintage look reborn. Hang up your sweaters, grab a bright dress Now that winter’s over and the cool spring breeze has subsided, it’s time to hang up those sweaters, and grab a bright, playful summer dress.  Of course vintage cuts are in these days, so don’t forget the pleats. If you’re a little more adventurous though, try making a bold statement with graphic leggings.  Don’t overdo it though, there can be plenty going on with one or two solid colors. Hollywood fabulousness Now it’s time to accessorize those wild, sassy looks.  You’ll never make that complete impression with your graphic leggings and your vintage tees without that straw fedora.  If you have the confidence it takes to sport one of these tropical treasures, try it with one or two colors, but be careful not to be too distracting with it.  Avoid anything more than a basic, minimalist look. Turn up the volume… … on your skirt, that is!  Out with the minis, and in with the knee-highs.  This vintage trend is back, and pleats are the name of the game.   Finish it off with a bright jacket like a blazer or a moto, just remember to match it, and choose something comfortable. All in all it should be an exciting summer, especially if you follow those 2013 summer trends.  If in doubt, just remember that vintage is back, so spend a night and watch some of those older flics before choosing your hip new look.

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