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Beach weddings are becoming more ideal than the conventional church weddings. Even so, what matters is that you, your partner, friends and family in attendance have a memorable day. Planning a destination wedding requires that the bride and groom have adequate knowledge about the permit requirements of the area. If the ceremony and reception will be held at a public beach, ensure that you are compliant with the laws so as to avoid any embarrassments on your wedding day.  Rules regarding food, beverage and equipment to be in use at that particular day vary from one area to the other. Failure to comply with the rules, your wedding beach theme may be interrupted.

A wedding beach theme can be executed during the mid morning hours or at sun set depending on the liking of the couple. One that is held during the day is of course cheaper than one in the evening hours.  At twilight, you will need to provide artificial light from sources like table lanterns, candles, table top tiki torches all of which come at an added cost.  Bonfires are also a good way to light up the area. Engage your guest with entertaining music and the bonfire will invite them to dance.  The scenery will look even more beautiful so if you got the cash go for this option. You probably chose the beach because you love the natural environment, but remember that Mother Nature is quite unpredictable so have a backup plan for your wedding beach theme. It is better to delay the ceremony for a few hours than to completely reschedule.

As much as the vows are for the bride and groom, the people in attendance need to hear as you actually say them to each other, plus you will need to a remembrance of that particular moment. The breeze and the tides can be a nuisance sometimes as it becomes difficult for you to be audible enough to your guest when the tide is high. To counter this, do not forget to have speakers to make you more perceptible at the ceremony. I recommend White ones because they will not contrast the scene as much as the usual black ones would. Also you can include a written copy of the vows in the handouts ushered to your guests. This way your wedding beach theme is already half way to be a success.

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