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The Fairyland Kind Of White Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is always on our mind and we all are well aware of this day as it is reimbursed to us in movies, serials and soaps while there is one other day which we keep on skipping and that is the white day while in other words we can say that it is the white Valentine’s Day. The white day is actually one of the biggest events celebrated in Japan and it is held after just one month of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is held on 14th February so white day is celebrated on 14th March while the essence of this day is as romantic as the Valentine’s Day itself.

If we see keenly then the white valentine’s day is the same like Valentine’s day but it would be better to say that it is the answer giving day to the people who surprised you and proposed you on the Valentine’s Day. The white day clearly tells that the theme is based on white colors like if we exchange brown chocolates and roses on the Valentine’s then on the white day they will be skipped with other white cookies or candies. The valentine day outfits are obviously red colored mostly but on the white day they need to be skipped with the white color while the combination of red & white or pink & white can also prove to be one of the best things.

However the main rush this time is Valentine’s Day itself so plan about your dress for 14th February first and then look into the further preparations of the white day itself. Start off with the dress and gifts and then look into anything extra. However don’t forget to note down the names and the gifts you received on 14th February because you have to answer those gifts on 14th March. Play with as many roses on the rose day as white day will skip the part of roses and these flowers will be substituted by other flowers as things need to be different in both of these events while the essence of romance will be the same.

The white valentine’s day can however some up with the surprise from your sweetheart as well as he might manage surprises for you in the same way you manage surprises for him on the Valentine’s Day. Try to give your best as your surprises need to be the best one in the race of love this time.

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