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The Eye Catching Golden Bride Dress Up

White is always on the mind of brides but white, white and white bores the hell out of you sometimes and in this situation trying something new can prove to be very much exciting and amazing. The golden bride dress up is what I am talking about because if you are daring to select something other than white then you must carry a very good choice because this is what I would love to do in my wedding. You need to be very modern and fashionable in order to let go the whites in the wedding and hold on to something as majestic as a golden bridal makeover for your wedding day.

You really need to think out of the box if you want to carry a perfectly gorgeous golden bride dress up and I can commit that of you manage to have one then nothing can stop you to look stunning at your wedding day. However I must clear your mind that golden dress up is mostly used in the night time weddings and it looks perfect in winter weddings but if you are planning a hot summer beach wedding then golden is not your thing to play with.

The main wedding themes where brides can experiment freely with the golden dress up are Vintage and Cinderella weddings whereas all the Disney fairytale based themes do great with the golden color. Looking beautiful, elegant and classical on your wedding day is a secondary thing when you can also appear prestigious. Prestige is like the most important thing where everything looks secondary in front of this compliment. The gold in your wedding i.e. your golden dress up can pull in all the prestige in your grand day easily and this way you can enjoy the feel of royalty as well.

The golden bride dress up is versatile as you can select from many things and mostly all of the things will be outstanding. The golden can mix up with maroon and it can also mix up with black to make a very nice color combination but the amazing thing is that this color stands out stunningly alone as well. You don’t really need to mix it with other colors. If you carry a lite skin tone then light golden color will do great with you but if are slightly dark then you can appear very attractive in a deep golden color in contrast with maroon or black.

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