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The Evergreen White and Red weddings theme

Red is a very passionate and dramatic color and it can play an important part in your overall wedding theme. Red and white weddings are mostly chosen if you are getting married near Christmas or Valentine’s Day but this red and white combination looks stunning. If you are looking not so formal but something different focuses the theme decorations on balloons instead of flowers. Always use same shade of a particular red when you are preparing for a white and red wedding theme.

Below are some examples of flowers that you will find in red:-  
  • Geraniums
  • Hibiscus
  • Red Roses
  • Carnations
  • Tulips
Incorporating rose in your white and red wedding theme has always been a symbol of love and devotion. Red roses are symbol of passion and can help to create a formal theme for your red weddings theme. Choosing red for your main wedding color means you are confident and optimistic. Red is attention getting and attention seeking color and the deeper the red the more sophisticated it is.  For thoughtful action and passion select Maroon as your wedding color. For controlled passion and energy select Burgundy for your red weddings theme. Red looks wonderful if it is combined with Silver, White, Ivory & Gold. Red can also be combined with Green or Blue but shades must be carefully chosen so that they complement each other very well. Red color in red weddings theme can be as simple as red lips, red nails, red touches in flowers or red carpet.

 Here are few ideas where red color can be used in a wedding:-  
  • Red jewelry and accessories
  • Red rubies for your engagement
  • Red carpet for welcoming the couple
  • Red dollies, lollipops, red foil-covered heart shaped chocolates
  • Red candles or red balloons
  • Red chair covers and centerpiece cloth
  • Red berries for your cake and strawberries or raspberries for dessert
  • Red shoes
  • Red bulbs for lightning
  • Red wines
Red when combined with purple or white makes a unique combination as both are contrasting colors.  Red and White wedding theme is also admired by lot many people.Golden candlelight also adds romance to the wedding. There are so many choices to choose from for bride’s and groom dress if you are planning a red weddings theme. An elegant red sports wedding theme is completely new and unique idea.

 Use candles, plates, tea sets as favor for your red weddings theme and combine it with white centerpieces.    

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