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The Classy Ocean Wedding Theme

There is really no greater theme than an ocean wedding theme. Imagine saying your vows as the wind is blowing your hair. An ocean wedding theme is often like the beach wedding theme, because it usually requires that the ceremony is held outside. If you love being outside and you love the ocean, then an ocean wedding theme would be ideal for your wedding. A wedding at the ocean will be a good way to have some enjoyment in the sun. Additionally, you not only get to enjoy the sun, but you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

Once you decide to have an ocean themed wedding, you need to be a little creative. You can try and implement a nature wedding theme that involves you to include items found at the beach or by the ocean for your wedding ceremony, table decoration and reception. For example, instead of using flowers in the bridal bouquet, you could use sea shells or star fish. This will need an unusual alternative to traditional flowers and will surely have your guests talking.

Another idea that you might consider as a bride is wearing sandals as opposed to heels that most brides wear. If you are comfortable with it, you might also go barefoot for the occasion. This will enable you to enjoy your wedding without having to worry about your expensive shoes sinking into the sand.  To add a little flavor to your feet, you might consider wearing an anklet and toe rings. There is nothing like feet jewelry to class up an ocean wedding. Additionally, since it is an ocean wedding theme, you should opt for a bridal dress that is a bit light. Instead of wearing a heavy traditional gown, you could opt for a simple sun dress.

Even your chairs should be decorated with an ocean touch. Instead of using traditional decorations, you could star fish or sea shells to the seats. It is recommended that your chairs are all white, so as to allow the reflection of the sun to be enhanced. For your table numbers, you could use the message in a bottle theme. This is wonderful table décor and the bottles can also be used as placement cards.

Overall, with an ocean wedding theme, you do not really have to go out of your way to make the ceremony expensive. Simple things will do just fine, as long as you add a little creativity to it.

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