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The Bright and Colorful 50s Wedding Theme

50s wedding theme is always bright and colorful. It was an Era of big bouncing stylish skirts, sophisticated curly hairstyles, Elvis’ rock-n-roll songs. 50s wedding theme is not just theme in fact it is a spirit filled with fun n frolic, joyful mood and retro spirit. Bride and groom arriving in 50s style campervan for wedding brings you back to that golden era of life.

Location A English Country garden or a place with large central dance floor is perfect for 50s wedding theme. American themed burger joint or diner can also be tried for 50s wedding theme. Decoration / Color Ideal colors for 50s wedding theme are blues, greens, pastel pinks. To add brightness and more color to the event colorful parasols are hanged. Beautiful patterns with girly shades like polka dots, floral schemes and checks can be used. Candles and place mats can be decorated with lace, buttons, pearls, vintage fabric and bows. Entertainment and Music 50s wedding theme require jukebox kind of music with 50s famous tunes. If you wants real authentic 50s flavor to the event go for 50s style band with polka dotted costumes for girls and black suit with bow tie for boys. Classic pop hits from 50s bring back the golden era of music back to life. Vintage style costumes add that extra oomph to the event. Attire Wearing Long gloves, pearls, lace bows all are popular 50s costumes. All these elements are integral part of 50s lifestyle. Kitten heels and Hats for ladies also looks good and gives that 50s era feeling. Try to copy Elizabeth Taylor style or Marilyn Monroe for Ladies and Elvis or Godfather style for Men. Long A-Lie dresses in lace or classic ball gowns are the themes that reflect to 50s era and are perfect for 50s style wedding theme.

  Food 50s food consisted of hotdogs, burgers, ice-cream sundaes and waffles. Big glass jars with sweets and candies for kids are a must in 50s style wedding theme. Cocktails such as Martini and Classis champagne are quite popular choice for the weddings. Olives and vegetables wrapped in bacon go very well with cocktails and treating younger guests with different milkshakes is always good. If you are having wedding in summer then consider hiring an old ice-cream van. Favors A vintage typewriter for guests to write their wishes are an ideal choice for 50s wedding styles theme. Personalized matchboxes, candles, retro shaped home baked cookies can also be considered. For kids consider gumballs and Dolls, toy cars candy flavored lip gloss. Decorated cupcakes with pez candies and baked cookies covered in wrappers depicting brides and grooms name and wedding date are perfect for 50s style wedding theme.


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