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The Bold and Wild Chicago Street Style

Gambling, clubs and parties with lots of humans around is what Chicago feels like. Chicago is not made for delicacy as warm blooded, bold and wild people live here. They don’t care about any single soul around them and like to do whatever they want. Chicago is rather a busy city but people here in Chicago are rather busier in partying then working and this thing makes this city the best place to live in ever whereas there are negative sides attached to it as well but the Chicago street style is the most unique style, as people there dress up in their very own preferred way.

The Chicago street style is fun to adopt as the dresses worn by people there are crazy but still they stand out perfectly whereas the street style of Chicago has rather the essence of retro i.e. 70s in it. Retro calls for boldness, wildness and sharpness and so the Chicago fashion is. If you are planning to move in to some other city then it is important that you know the trends and traditions of that place. You try your whole life to stand out in the crowds but there are those weird moments as well when all you need is to blend in the crowd.

The street style of girls in Chicago is rather cool as they don’t like to wear long clothes which fully cover their body. The girls of Chicago rather prefer short hairs which are elegantly falling down their head whereas even if they don’t have short hair then they rather prefer to keep them closed in a ponytail or braids. Braids are the main focus for hair styling as girls normally tie all the hair because they don’t like hair falling down their shoulder.

The mood of Chicago streets is not boring or subtle as they rather prefer noise and crowds. So the Chicago street style rather does great with lose flapper pants with lose dress shirts over it. Black is like a symbol of Chicago fashion as girls love to mix black in their dressing with whatever the other color is. Shades are again common as a face covered up with dark black shades is in the most common trends of Chicago. Chicago is a party place and retro is the keyword for the fashion of streets in that city so if you really want to blend in the crowds then say good bye to your decency.

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