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The Bold And Beautiful Indian Themed Wedding

India is one of the richest heritages of the world. The Indians celebrate their wedding in a traditional fashion and follow the rituals during their wedding. The priests usually enchant prayers and the couples tie their nuptial knot. If you want to follow Indian themed wedding, then you must follow many customs and rituals after encountering a priest. Indian wedding themes can be enjoyable and also a penance.

Today, even the people from the other parts of the world can follow Indian themed wedding, if they are fascinated by the tradition and customs. They usually decorate the marriage place with festoons and flowers. The bride usually dresses up in a sari and carries a veil on her shoulder. The bride groom usually wears a traditional dress named as ‘kurta’. They tie a nuptial knot and walk around the fireplace for seven rounds. They pledge to each other about their togetherness for seven births.

You can also enjoy the various other aspects of Indian marriages. The food is usually served on plates with various types of delicious items. The items that are laid on the table during wedding are rice, sweets, vegetables that are deliciously cooked. The wedding cake also can be decorated in wonderful ways. Usually the floral designs are carved on the cake. If the cake is flavored with yellow and red colors, then it completely appears like an Indian cake. Red and gold wedding theme colors play a vital role in an Indian wedding.

If you are arranging for an Indian themed wedding in other parts of the world, then you can make a tent and solemnize the wedding in the tent by arranging it with flowers, cushions and mattresses.  You can also place some items such as artificial elephants or Indian Gods when you are arranging for a cake on the table. Elephant is usually considered as a sacred animal of the Indians and hence the theme appears perfectly Indian.

The bride usually dresses up in a sari and wears many ornaments on her neck. She usually wears large earrings, nose rings and ties a plat on her hand. The ornaments that she wears on her body are large. Ornaments are like the trademarks of an Indian woman. Many people believe that Indian wedding is perfect when prayers are enchanted and rituals take place. When the bride and the bride grooms bow down towards the fireplace, then marriage takes place. Then bride is usually accompanied by the bride groom outdoors and they both walk for about seven rounds to indicate their togetherness.

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