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The best white snow and ice honeymoon in Swiss

Who all know Switzerland is worthy of the name "ice and snow kingdom", also is the Europe and the world of ice and snow sports center, with more than 200 ski resort - but 200 inside, no doubt is the best strategy, matt.

For it is in southern Switzerland's matt tile in a valley town, almost throughout the year 12 months are pouring into a skier. "The king of the Alps" the laudatory name of matt is here, it's is the most famous Swiss mountain. We take the design precision, at an altitude of the highest position across Europe to lift you - 3120 meters of the top of the mountain peaks.clip_image001

You stand on the right ahead is a splendor glacier from time to time to see skier whoosh sound from my side slip like a fly in the vast sea of clouds and between. Local friend told me, if followed so slide down that can last foot on top of the mountain of Switzerland, a feet and ran to the foot of the mountain of Italy. Policy's matt has three main ski resort there are total of nearly 200 kilometers buoy trail, according to the difficulty scale for blue (low difficulty), red (medium difficulty), black and yellow。


Technically, policy, matt is intermediate skier's paradise. But even so, I still can see the adults hold swaddling clothes of children to ski "strange" landscape. In the red green ski suit, the most eye-catching is probably children's clothing, watching the kids were serious posture, everyone can't help but smile. The most is worth mentioning here an altitude of 3820 meters alpine ski resort, is the whole Europe's highest ski resort. Here are the Alps the longest winter, I heard that a lot of people in the summer to try it.

Policy's matt town is very quiet. The house the dreaming, Switzerland special air cleanliness can let a person involuntarily mind happy. All the raw material all environmental protection, is to ensure that the beauty of nature scenery. Look at the snow and ice melt water formed from a small town through the middle stream, smoke rises, warm and romantic.

Since the 19th century, there are a lot of mountaineering enthusiasts try to conquer matt macro peaks, but for the summit, difficult to climb rock piton, now, tourists can directly on a plane or a cable car.


In the Swiss all the picture you take at there you can take advantage of screensaver. All the people who come here not only feeling like the beauty scenery but attractive by the grand ski spot. When you clam to the top of the Alps see sunrise that’s a magical moment last time with a couple of friends we were moved by the natural. We never forget about it memorable forever go to Swiss open our mind and clam to the Alps experience the grand and learn the culture of there. Sometimes I would dream about that moment and hope to back time.

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