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The best jokes ever for april fool's day

Wehave managed to collect information from various pranks and jokes for april fool's day. First a littlehistory. The Day of the Holy Innocents is a Christian commemoration of thelegend: the killing of all children under two years old born in Bethlehem,ordered by King Herod in order to get rid of the newly born Jesus ofNazareth.  In Latin America and parts ofSpain, this day is celebrated on December 28th. It is customary to make jokesof all kinds. The media make jokes or misrepresent its content so that theinformation appears real.

Weall know the odd april fool's day jokesto make to family and friends. Since putting a thumbtack or melted chocolate onthe chair for someone to sit when they are wearing impeccable professional dress code items, stick apuppet or a paper with a message on someone's back, taking a wallet, put aleave in it street and pull it when you go to pick it up, advance the clocks ofthe other, etc. The below jokes can be fun for april fool's day:

1.This is a joke to be performed at the door of a house,but you must be careful . First, make sure that there are people in the house .Secondly, catch droppings , the bigger the better , and wrap them in toiletpaper enough . Then , place it in the chosen door , set fire to paper andimmediately called the bell repeatedly and of course we ran. Then the personcomes out, the first thing he will be stepping on the paper to turn it off, Ithink I can spare the other explanations. It is proven, it works in most cases.

2.This joke cannot be done anywhere, look for a suitablesite having the doors of the flats opposite each other. The joke involves tyingthe rope doorknobs together (so they have to be in front... ), if you leaveenough strap nobody can open the doors. This time try to look for a site thathas the wooden door, the joke involves sticking the door to the frame, thus noone can enter or leave. As a paste, mix 100 gram jar of some contact cement thatwill dry soon.

Allin all, you can come up with the most amazing april fool's day jokes to enjoy with friends. Just keep it simpleand dress casual to feel comfy. Look onto casualdress code deals.  

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