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The Best Christmas Story And Dress Codes For Christmas

Are you familiar with the traditional Christmas story? This may be a good starting point to buy cute clothes and gifts. Christmas as we know it today is a creation of the nineteenth century. The Christmas tree, originating in Germanic areas, spread other areas of Europe and America. The carols were recovered and composed many new (the custom of singing carols, although ancient origins, comes mainly from the nineteenth century). Christmas cards did not begin to be used until the 1870s, although the first one was printed in London in 1846.

What about Santa Claus and the Spirit of Christmas story?The familiar image of Santa Claus with sleigh, reindeer and bags with toys, is an American invention of these years, although the legend of Santa Claus is ancient and complex, and proceed from San Nicolas and jovial medieval figure the spirit of Christmas. In Russia traditionally wears a pink pig under his arm. Today, Christmas is a time of great commercial activity and exchange of gifts, gatherings and family meals. In the West the Midnight Mass is celebrated in churches and cathedrals. In Latin America, strong Catholic tradition, especially celebrates Christmas Eve (24th of December) with a family dinner for a variety of dishes, desserts and traditional drinks are made.

It is also customary to attend Midnight Mass and celebrate with fireworks and firecrackers- the perfect excuse to buy fancy clothes!  Beware of trends so you know what not to wear. Moreover, Midnight Mass is the end of a long accumulation of wakefulness own winter solstice celebrations, the image and likeness of the eve of the summer solstice, San Juan. It is a solar party that once played a major fire, like on the eve of San Juan paper. The conclusion that this had just being a Mass is a triumph of ecclesiastical discipline of freedom and debauchery to the secular celebrations.

Christmas is celebrated liturgically with three masses: the midnight, the dawn and noon, covering the entire development of the Christmas celebrations. During this night, the awakening of the sun was celebrated (is when the day begins to lengthen), should not be sleeping, but had to spend the whole night out. With Christianity these festivals were Christianized, with the new axis of the newborn Jesus. As a final note, now that you know all about Christmas story, remember to choose the best designer dresses. Just look onto your wardrobe and don’t go crazy. Clean up the mess and look for top smart dress code assistance. A second opinion will do, shop with a family member or a friend.

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