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The Basic Elements of Moroccan Wedding Theme

The best wedding theme in which you can use all the colours which you ever come across in life is Moroccan wedding theme. This theme is a perfect opportunity to use all the versatile colours and their shades under one roof. This is a theme which your guests will remember for a lifetime. The celebration for Moroccan wedding theme just like any other wedding idea starts with distributing the wedding invitation cards to your friends and guests. Get your wedding card designed in Moroccan theme and send it to all those whom you want to invite in your special day. A bit of online search will give you plenty of ideas on the designs, colours and patterns for Moroccan wedding cards.

Next element in the wedding preparation is about selecting suitable wedding attire. A Moroccan kaftan would be the nicest dress for the Moroccan wedding theme. You can buy a colourful caftan from online shopping stores. The online stores sell fabulous dresses at an economical price in comparison to the offline shops. Buy the dress much in advance of the event, so that you can wear it to see how well it suits you. Most of the online stores allow you to exchange the dress and buy another one if you are not satisfied with the dress that you got on your previous order. Next and utmost important element for unique wedding  themes preparation as for Moroccan wedding,  is the decoration of wedding venue. The best thing about Moroccan wedding theme is that you can stage it at any small or large venue. You can spend as less or as more as you want. You can decorate the venue with costly table lamps, chandeliers and jewel tone pillows or you can decorate it with economical colourful fabrics. However; choose the fabric which gives the look of Moroccan rugs. Fourth element to be decided for any wedding is the menu. While you decide about eatables to be served at wedding, the first thing that comes up in mind is wedding cake. The geometrical or tile pattern is apt for cake to be served at Moroccan wedding. Needless to say that Moroccan wedding theme is incomplete without entertainment for guests and setting up henna station or hiring a belly dancer is a great idea for entertainment at your special day. You can also hire a DJ to play the Mediterranean tunes and let your guests dance on it.

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