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The Bahamas-noble temperament to honeymoon

The Bahamas islands adjacent to the southern United States of Florida consist of seven hundreds beautiful small island with the distinctive special character. Maybe it sounds a little strange, but in fact you have been in many Hollywood blockbuster witnessed the Bahamas in extraordinary beauty, such as the 007 - gold casino "and the" pirates of the Caribbean ". At this time, you should come to the sports, the big silver sand, and full of pirates of the Caribbean mysterious tune scene?clip_image001

The Bahamas with its superior geographical position and natural conditions called "the back garden" in the American, it is the western place where elite holiday leisure to go . The Bahamas have the world's most beautiful beaches and the clear water. Extensive gem green transparent water visibility is as high as 61 meters; Romantic pink beach attracts numerous tourists to admiration every year. In addition, the Bahamas has the world's second sea blue hole and the third coral reefs, let all over the world the diving enthusiasts scramble for. These unique beauty, make the Bahamas become a celebrity romantic wedding and honeymoon TOP 1 choice, "a beautiful blonde" beautiful female advocate sow Linda this year just in this and the French aristocracy husband hold wedding ceremony; Prince Charles and princess Diana had been there for their honeymoon. And each big Hollywood stars, such as Maria Kelly Hillary du and so on are chose in the Bahamas through romantic costly and private wedding and honeymoon.clip_image002

The Bahamas has "flamingoes of the township" reputation, because the only more than thirteen thousand nine hundred square kilometers of the island which has the largest number of flamingoes. Flamingoes and a we familiar name - the flamingo. The Bahamas 800 million only flamingo, most are perched on the bitter melon national park. In fact, the above bitter guadalcanal, flamingos and the number of proportion reached 61:1. There visitors can see flamingos in the lake water while walking, appreciate them such as dance, wonderful posture, also can give feed them delicious shrimp. Flamingo mating season from October until February every year, during these period, just can enjoy this beautiful birds romantic scene.clip_image003

clip_image004 Atlantis kingdom hotel known as "the world's largest island hotel", has for several miles, from the original beach hotel has been long stretch to the Bahamas blue ocean. Pink hotel in deep blue sea water surrounded like a floating on the sea palace is reproduced in the legendary ancient civilization. Atlantis has been lingering in people's hearts of mysteries. According to legend, the seat onishi state city 9000 years ago for an earthquake was sinking into the sea. The last century archaeologists in the Bahamas islands sea discovered huge rock buildings. Originally in the distant past, there is a rock build up the mainland cities. The city awaken people to the dialogues of Plato recorded the piece and the illusion of the kingdom.

Of course, in addition to these human beauty how could the honeymoon trip less food and all kinds of entertainment leisure? clip_image005

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