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The art of candy color clothing matching from Tbdress

These days, maybe you can see many girls wear the candy clothes on the  street,Do you want to have try candy color as your fashionable dressing up?Today,Tbdress will give you some suggestion about the color of yellow clothes,as we all know,yellow is a picky color,in the daily,we never try this color,so by Tbdress,you can dare to wear yellow clothes.

Green dress for sunshine girls

These days ,the weather is becoming more and more hotter,so there are many girls wear the colorful dress, the most common we can see is the candy color,look at this green dress,it is so charming and pure,the solid color is so bright,the design of the sleeveless is novel for this dress,I like the belt on the waist,it can show the fine figure of wearers.especially the yellow belt matches this green dress,they are perfect,so this summer the green green and yellow will be more sunshine and charming for fashionable girls.

Yellow high heel shoes for candy girl

When you wear this dress,if you want to go the the formal or special occasions,you must prepare a pair of heel shoes,Tbdress offers this kinds of shoes for your green dress,look at this shoes on the picture,the round toe is novel for this charming and bright shoes,I like the high platform,when you wear this one, you will fell comfortable ,so it is convenient for yourself,you'd never worry about the trouble of your walking posture.

Solid color bags

Being a candy girl,you must find a bag for your suit,I think this candy and solid bag is suitable for your needs.look at this bag from Tbdress,The A-lock is so novel,and the leather is so premier,you have five choices of this bags' color,I think everyone will satisfies with your flavor.when you want to attend a wedding or birthday,this kinds of candy bags is necessary.

If you want to change your black or gray clothes,and become a candy,you can have a try,In Tbdress,you will find your new style,I hope these links will help you.

The green dress:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Charming-Backless-Sleeveless-With-Belt-Green-Dress-10884558.html

Candy bag:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Fashionable-Gentlewomanly-Sweet-Korean-Pu-Leather-Womens-Bag-10796718.html

High heel and yellow shoes:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Comfortable-New-Arrival-Round-Toe-High-Heels-Platform-Womens-Shoes-10833489.html

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