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The Aristocratic Peacock Wedding Theme Ideas

The peacock represents wealth and aristocracy. The gorgeous bird also symbolizes knowledge and good fortune. For its symbolization and its beauty, the bird is serving a great idea behind the popular peacock wedding theme ideas. Here is the list which shows all the way in which peacock wedding theme ideas are incorporated by and large in weddings worldwide. Peacock Themed Invitations The brilliant colours of peacock feathers (also known as jewel tones) such as royal blue, purple, silver, gold, teal and green are featured on the wedding invitation cards for peacock wedding theme ideas. The cards are also adored with the real feathers. In case real feathers are not available then an image of feathers is crafted on the front and inside of cards. However; it is not difficult to find the peacock feathers for peacock wedding theme ideas. Many art and craft shops stores the peacock feathers in large quantity for sale.

Peacock Themed Accessories Peacock feathers along with the flowers are artistically used to create a beautiful bridal bouquet. The bouquet is then carefully wrapped with a satin ribbon which doubles its beauty. It is the florists who can suggest the best flowers for you to use with peacock feathers for making the bouquet. The florist can suggest you to use lavender, lobelias, bluebells and even violas flowers with peacock feathers. Peacock Wedding Decoration The single or several feathers together can be hung at inside and outside of place (a church, a palace or vintage hall) where you are celebrating the occasion. Feathers can also be adorned on the centre table, reception table, and dining table at the venue. For hanging the feathers, these can be perfectly ties with colourful stain ribbons. Peacock feathers when kept in vases make the decoration all the more elaborative.

Peacock Themed Wedding Cake The delicious and yummy wedding cake can be served in small pieces in the peacock wrappers or trays. By using the peacock feathers for peacock wedding theme ideas to decorate the cake, you can turn into an artistic piece. The cake would please the vision of the guests. By paying a little more than what you would have initially thought of for the cake, you can get it created in the shape of a peacock. Other than the decoration, cake and accessories you can also use the peacock feathers on bridal headgear, dress and shoes. Besides this the bride can carry a purse with the design and painting of peacock feathers on it.  

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