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The Africa continent rainbow country honeymoon trip

Speaking of South Africa can make a person associate to green trees such as carpet of tropical climate, warm like a fire, the 2010 World Cup and old and strange African tribe. Multiple national and cultural mixed that contains a thick vigor and vitality of the African continent attracted a group of and a batch of visitors to visit. Is located in the southernmost continent, or so interval two oceans, South Africa is always the busiest in the world one of the sea channel. And in the earth's southern hemisphere, more make it with and completely different landscape and climate, we cold valiant of season, there is the vitality of spring and summer season. With rich variety of natural scenery and local conditions and customs, whether it is a crazy fun or quiet sweet wedding, South Africa there are all kinds of surprise and surprise to meet with new people.


Cape Town is the capital of South Africa in the local language means "Cape city". The city was built in 1652 to more than three hundred years after the Netherlands, Germany, France and other European states and colonial rule, although the geographical position of Africa, it has become a full of multivariate Europe and colonial color city, is one of the world's most beautiful cities. Walking in the city roadway everywhere is the colonial period of old buildings. The whole city backer alongside the sea not only has a global climate most comfortable city title by all over the world have more sailors and adventurers brings different cultural customs. Love the people of humanities in museums Cape Town castle in the history of the city to look at what is, and the love of nature and people will never disappointed, here there are not only lovely tropical penguin YuHaiBian life play, and the most famous Cape Town natural landscape - Table Mountain (Table Mountain). This is called "god's table" mountains, is the landmark of the city landscape. If the hill country, not only will see rare flowers plant, still have a chance to glance to palm civet, rock rabbit, and other small animals dodgy figure.


For those who love nature and adventure's people, South Africa nature reserve is a magic land. There are fascinating sunset unspoilt wilderness and free roaming wild animals and there to hold their wedding is undoubtedly the most unforgettable and bold choice. Imagine, among the mountains hold a full of wild wedding, with romantic moon, Kapama game breeding reserve on the camp Jabulani riding elephants arrived at the wedding, let the rhinoceros and giraffes do your flower girls, is how simple and romantic of what happens! South Africa is the paradise of the adventurer, those who love exciting new people can multiply by balloon flight over the northwest provinces, the vast mystery of love and make a lifetime pledge.



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