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Thanksgiving Jewellery – Melding the New With the Old

Thanksgiving has always been a day to give thanks for our families and all we have. Yet one should think back to where the tradition first began. When the Native American Indians and Pilgrims stopped fighting and decided to live together in peace. Not a small feat that was accomplished. Why not commemorate this special, historical day with something that will remain with us always. What better way to remember it than by having Thanksgiving Jewellery.

When most people mention jewellery, tendency is to think of stones, shaped in pumpkins, horns or even corn. That’s not all that jewellery can be, instead of purchasing jewellery that is driven from the traditional that thanksgiving is and the people that first began it. Have jewellery created with beads and stones, long necklaces and brooches to adorn your clothing in recognition of such an auspicious occasion. Have elegant jewellery, which brings out the history and tradition of the day. Jewellery that can be worn not only on thanksgiving but jewellery that can be used everyday. Draping long beaded necklaces around your neck, to enhance the elegance and sophistication of your clothing, which other jewellery can’t.

Thanksgiving jewellery doesn’t all have to be store bought. Give it a personal touch, design and create your own Thanksgiving Jewellery. Stringing together beads to create/ elaborate jewellery that is personalized, such as bracelets, necklaces, brooches and even earrings. The best part about creating this jewellery yourself is getting children involved, its an amazing way to teach children about the tradition of Thanksgiving, why it’s celebrated today. The jewellery allows children to create items that reflect the culture of both the Native Indians of the United States as well as the Pilgrims that lived there in the 1600’s, a method in which gifts can be created while learning.

Thanksgiving jewellery, allows you to enjoy tradition and history but with present day style and grace. Not only is fashion brought to the fore front but educations and a deeper understanding can be imparted to the younger generation as to why, we have Thanksgiving, the importance of it, what it accomplished and how we really should be thankful for everything that we have today. Bring Thanksgiving alive and create the thanksgiving spirit all over again as the Pilgrims and the Native Americans did create or buy beaded necklaces that represent the cultures of those that created the tradition.

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