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Thanksgiving Day Jewellery Sets –Unique and Stylish

With Thanksgiving Day right around the corner, get into the spirit with your children by having them learn about why Thanksgiving is celebrated. Be creative and unique, be giving and sharing. Create stylish Thanksgiving Day Jewellery Sets.
Bring out the spirit of Thanksgiving giving by creating thanksgiving jewellery, and giving it as gifts to your friends and family. Make this festive season unique and memorable for those receiving the gifts as well as those making them. Get your children involved, teach them how to make Thanksgiving day Jewellery Sets  like the Native Americans made them, using beads of various sizes colours and shapes and fish wire.

Start a few days before thanksgiving, get the children involved in making the preparations and have each day reserved for a different project. Have one day for making earrings, the next day for the necklace. Make the jewellery sets even more elaborate by creating bracelets and rings.  Help the children determine what they will need for their thanksgiving shopping list.

Make this project of Thanksgiving Day jewellery sets an opportunity for the children to learn why we have Thanksgiving. While they determine what they need for their project, talk to them about the Pilgrims and the Native American Indians, and why Thanksgiving came into being. Explain the difficult times back in the 1600’s. Talk to them about how important it is to appreciate what we have to do, starting with a country to call our own that lives in harmony and peace with so many different cultures.

These jewellery sets don‘t have to be just for the females in the family. The children can make bracelets for the boys and the men also, so they took have something this Thanksgiving to remember the event by. Using different sizes of beads, personalize each gift for the individual you are making it for, using the alphabet beads or their favourite colours if possible.
The ideas with such a project are endless, with limitless possibilities. Rather than making this Thanksgiving about turkey and dinner only, make it mean more, show the true spirit of thanksgiving with the creative sets. Allowing children to learn about a festive occasion in a different way, with hands on and seeing a side to thanksgiving that is usually overlooked. Make this thanksgiving unique and stylish for all your friends and family. Create your own sets with your children to give.

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