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Thanksgiving Day Crazy Leggings - Get Funky This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving a time for giving and receiving, and being thankful for all we have, from our friends and family to even our abilities. It is the realization that there are so many things that we should be thankful for, our talents, fashion and so much more. With all this thanksgiving cheer being spread and appreciated by everyone try being unique. Wear Thanksgiving Day crazy leggings, be unique don`t wear simple leggings, that everyone will typically wear bland, blacks, blues and whites. Be different wear crazy leggings.

What is crazy leggings, simple leggings that have designs to bring out the thanksgiving spirit. Leggings with pumpkins, hay bales, horns full of vegetable or even turkeys. Its not just design but colour, don`t go for the dull shades of autumn that mark Thanksgiving, go for bright colours, pinks, yellows, bright orange, mint green, fiery red or better yet why not really have Thanksgiving Day crazy leggings, go neon with designs that are contrast to the neon colour.

Try creating your own signature leggings, take simple leggings and with the use of fabric paints and uhu glue and rhinestones, make your leggings sparkle. Bring back some of the 1980`s style`s and fashion and combine it with today`s. Be creative have children give you inspiration, be artistic and just drop paint here and there and see how it works out. Use stencils and trace out what ever design you want. Your mind and your talent is your only limit everything else is possible. Thanksgiving Day crazy leggings, just think crazy and go with it, let there be no limits.

Be the center of attention this thanksgiving, have everyone turn their head and do a double take. Combine you’re new and funky, stylish leggings with simple or elegant Thanksgiving dresses. Take the old and combine it with the new and make it your own.
Start a trend of for every Thanksgiving that is to come. Create a competition among your friends and loved one`s, who can have the craziest leggings. Have a ranking system, based on whether the leggings were store bought, or whether they were created and if created then rank it based on how much imagination was used in creating them. Create your festive tradition, where everyone can get involved from kids to adults. What better way to appreciate and be thankful for family than by enjoying the time you spend with in happiness and laughter.

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