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Tbdress Buyer's Show – Don't Be Shy and Just Show Your Beauty

Oh, all people just love stories and here I would like to share with you a wonderful story so as to open today’s topic: Tbdressbuyer’s show.

As we are human, so we always like to paysome attention to one’s outfit so as to detect his or her personality and character.The story I want to share with you is derived from a cartoon movie. In that movie, a working woman was dead and a psychological detective who can see and talk to the spirits of the dead are asked to look into this case. In order to know the truth of this woman’s death, this detective interrogates the colleagues of this woman. They told him that this woman does not like to make up and they have persuaded her to do so for many times, but in vain. When this psychological detective came to that woman’s house again, he saw her spirit and under the help of this spirit, he found an envelope behind the mirror. When the detective wanted to open the envelope, the female spirit told him that she does not want any person to open it and she just wants them to burn it for her. However, the assistant of this detective opened the envelope before they throw it into fire.You know what? There is a beautiful photo of the dead woman which is taken in front of a mirror. In that photo, the working woman is well dressed up like a fairy and her smile is so sweet. What move me most are the words said by the girl assistant of the psychological detective. That is, every woman likes to lookbeautiful, but sometimes they are just too shy to let other people know how beautiful they are, so they enjoy their own beauty alone.

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Having finished reading this story, are you doing some thinking? To tell you the truth, I have done lots of thinking. Ifeel pity for that dead woman since I know how beautiful she is. If she is not that shy, she will be able to show her colleagues that she is not a woman who does not like to make up; she is just shy and hide her beauty.

Truly, this story is a little bit sad, but it also tells us a lesson that women should not be too shy. They should show their beauty to the people around them and let them know that they are fashionable and beautiful.

Now, let’s come back to our today’s topic-Tbdress buyer’s show. In my opinion, this is really a good chance to show a woman’s beauty. No matter where she takes her photo, if she is satisfied with what she wears and also likes what she looks like, then why does she just send her beautiful photos to Tbdress so as to let more people know her style and beauty.In this post, I have upload a beautiful photo of a Tbdress customer who has joined in Tbdress buyer’s show project to show her beauty. She is confident andbeautiful, and all girls and ladies should take her as a good example. I am already her fan!

If you one of Tbdress customers and also want to join buyer’s showproject, then you can click this link: https://www.tbdress.com/Topic/TbshowOnline/.

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