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Take it easy honeymoon in Venice

Because nice city planning is in the old side of another new building, thanks to the eighteenth century, 17, old well preserved. The one big characteristic of the old is the tonal, almost most of the building metope is bright yellow, in the Mediterranean pure sunshine bright, bold and unrestrained


Old city center square every morning near a busy morning market, the market has a history of several hundred years. On Wednesday and Saturday to sell fresh flowers, Friday is the day of sale of fresh fruits and vegetables, bright flowers and all kinds of provence produce fresh fruit with hundreds of meters long booth. Sunday and become stamps and ancient bookstand market day. In addition, every holiday will also have many vendors were set up a stall out, like second-hand clothes, pottery or family appliance, and so on everything.

The old market is filled with glaring color: red brown or navy's BaiBaiEr rug is optionally piled up together, light ceramic plate and faded card let the market appears more simple.


The most abundant color of spices stand red is chili, green is rosemary, yellow is curry powder, and brown bay bar, pink dry rose and many call don't know the names of the spices.



To live in the nice people, the most important thing in life is two things: music and grape wine.

Mike that describe his every day: a opened his eyes, will be in the first time open sound, in the music to do other things -- in France in the classical music, brush your teeth, wash your face, in the beautiful music for the rise of sun and the arrival of the evening .mike still feel that not enough for him to the city hall to listen to music appreciation is playing.

Delicious desserts are nice people cannot resist the temptation more difficult to resist the is local pubs in the new wine and the wine. A walk in the street, a small pub is in some old customer, men together drink cup of white wine or sticky and sweet mint tea, play a few the dominoes; The women in the labyrinth of small town walk the streets, to the ordinary small store on the corner of purchasing all kinds of daily necessities, and wine is the most important thing they shopping basket.clip_image004

Compared to cannes and Monaco nice beach like forgotten corner foreign visitors especially less patronage even to the most also only go to the beach for a walk, but this makes it so far, to maintain the natural simplicity nature.

"Angel bay" is the most beautiful place, nice beach and port outside dark rock is different, the rock is pearl grey, strewn at random is fruity, hold a bend in the blue sea, beach small and shallow, is full of quality of a material is pure white pebbles, ablaze, to reflect the turquoise water more glittering and translucent and transparent.

Nice is surrounded by short bunding blue sea between pieces of rock so naturally appear in the center of the sea waves a wave after wave to hit the rock, every-where and seabirds xiang set. Now this season, the coastal resort villas and sailing club are cold and cheerless can not see the midsummer eyeful beautiful bikini and bronzed skin, then nice is a live scene give birth to sweet sound and light show, full of youth and charm.

Now, only the 3322 locals are walking on the beach nice XiJinQianHua town in the evening the warm sunshine have a serene and the atmosphere of a long time ago.

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