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Swan Wedding Theme Ideas, Decorations And Invitations

Swans are one of the most loves birds in the world. If they are one of the most loved, then why not transform them in a wedding where two love birds will tie the knot. In a swan wedding theme, you can easily guess which color is the prime color, of course it is white. This theme is so-so much interesting, elegant and classy that it cannot be described. These wedding are as beautiful as the birds that we are talking about. Not only white, but there are many other colors such as green, and skin color etc., that can be used. A pretty slight trumpet strapless floor-length wedding dress along with a luxury swan-shaped earrings and a pair of stiletto heels closed-toe lace wedding shoes is just perfection for your swan wedding theme.

This love bird wedding theme type of wedding theme has a lot of interior decoration to do. The altar should have a lot of hanging swans in the back. Some swans made of white marble can be kept at different places visible to everyone. Some beautiful swan paintings can be made on the wall and some on the floor also. The aisle can be surrounded by feathers of swans. Many leaves and vines can be on the corners as this depicts the place where a swan lives.

In the outdoor decoration category in a swan wedding theme are very beautiful ad eye catching. Some real swans can be let free to roam around the wedding venue, but some measures have to be taken to not let them in the venue. Here also marble swans can be kept in front of the entry to the venue. Swan shaped paper and leaf cutting can be thrown in front of the entry. Not only swans, but some other animals such as elephants can be used as decoration. Elephants can be kept as center pieces in the interior too. Some white peonies can also be used.

Some of these ideas mentioned above also can be adopted bird wedding theme too. Swan wedding theme cakes are very beautiful and are easy to choose from. The full cake can be covered with eatable swan feathers and two swans can be used as the cake toppers.

The clothes of the bride can have swan shaped cuttings on it. The shoes can also have some love bird touch to it. The groom has to wear his clothes which are worn by every groom on their wedding. Instead of a flower, he can put a bird or swan shaped cutting in his front pocket. He can wear a tie with some swan touch to it.

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