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Subtle And Elegant Green And White Wedding Theme

Green and white wedding theme, is similar to garden wedding theme and it is appreciated by the people who love light colors. The two colors green and white are usually lighter. Although green is also available in darker shades, it does not add darkness to the marriage background. The grass is green is color and the leaves are green. These two items can add a lot of vigor and beauty to the marriage background.

You can choose green and white wedding theme, if  you are planning to celebrate wedding outdoors. If you are choosing to get married in outdoor places such as gardens, farms, barns, beaches etc., then you can choose the green and white wedding theme. You can create arches that are green in color and you can decorate the arches with white flowers. You can decorate the background in many ways using green and white color. If you are planning for a wedding in places like gardens, farms, etc, then you would not have any problem because the green grass is grown in plenty in these places. You can simple plant white colored flowers such as lily, jasmine, etc and decorate the place. The white attire of the bride looks perfect on that day.

When the bride wears white colored attire, the visitors can wear green color attire and the combination looks perfect. Both the colors are sober and hence the background also appears sober. The people who are planning for a simple wedding and need a sober background should choose this theme. The marriage can take place indoors also in a very wonderful way. You can decorate your green and white wedding theme place just like the garden.  You can serve tasty guava juice to the visitors and you can place the juice in large glasses. The white cake can be decorated with simple green leaves decoration. You can simply take a pile of leaves and form flowers of the leaves. You can simply place them on the cake.

You can place large flower pots on the tables by placing white colored flowers and lots of green leaves that add beauty to the pots. You can also decorate green-colored fruits such as green apples, pears etc to the flowers so that the background looks wonderful. The woman in green can also carry white-colored flowers on the day of wedding. White and green wedding theme colors are available in plenty and you can make use of these colors using creative ideas.

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