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Stylize Your Wedding With The Flavor Of Spooky Halloween Wedding Music

When we think of weddings, our mind instantly thinks of the classy, simple, sober, sophisticated wedding. And most of us are bored with such flavorless weddings. You got whole life to be sober, then why chose to be one on your most special day. It is a day when you must have a time of your life, a day when you must forget everything and enjoy the flavor and joy of the life.

Ever wondered what if, you break the tradition? What if, you astonish everyone by your not-so-sober wedding? It sounds a lot of fun isn’t it? Well no need to freak out, and think I sound crazy because I am not kidding. Let’s break the tradition and astonish the world, let’s make your wedding day the most memorable day for everyone. And for that,you need to add the flavor of creepiness to your sophisticated wedding by playing Halloween wedding music in style.

You caught me right! I am talking about the spooky music as the main flavor to your wedding that would freak-out everyone, for sure. So, for this purpose you can go with any theme, but recommended would be the most astonishing gothic wedding theme that would give the chill to the people. Theme that will completely be, inspired by the Halloween, from the décor to the dresses totally spooking up the place. This theme is indeed one of a kind, and admired by a lot of people around the globe.

Now is the time to use your imagination thinking of the scary dark venue, with a look of a vampire wedding, guests dressed in creepy attire. There are a lot of candles lit all across the how way, brightening the dark room. The blood red ceiling décor with the combination of black hanging all around. The bridesmaids and groomsmen enter with the spooky Halloween wedding music. The bridesmaids dressed in sophisticated yet mysterious orange or black dress along with the spooky makeup and creepy accessories and with hands full of blood red flower bouquet. Then comes the groomsmen dressed in Halloween costumes and attire which are tuxedos but in a Halloween manner.

Here comes the groom, unlike the normal groom he looks more funky and full of joy with hairs all gelled up in spikes form and dressed completely like the vampire with the twilight spooky music all along his way, breaking up the tradition in ever manner. Finally, then comes the bride with all messed up hairs along with the net veil and a beautiful yet classically elegant blood red gown, and holding a black rose bouquet making it a creepy wedding for all with the song named “Evil Bride (Twisted Wedding march) played as the background to astonish the creep-out people.

After the ceremony food along with candies is served because there is no Halloween without the candies at Halloween wedding theme. Lastly the red wines are served and the spookiness enters the dance floor. With the funky rock metal music, to twilight spooky and scary songs all played as one on one and as well as trance to chill up every single person and make them dance like freaks on the floor. You can try numerous Halloween wedding music and song collections available of your choice and dance the night away while enjoying the joy of creeping.

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