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Street Style Shoes- The Main Hit Of Attraction

We all put in great effort to look good all the time and this is a fact that whenever you look amazingly good then your day is a blast but whenever you are not completely groomed then you don’t feel confident in yourself. Looking good is not just a desire these days but it has become a requirement because these days you don’t want people to praise you but you want to stay in the race. Good dressing and great personality is job requirement these days and you have to maintain an extra edge so that your boss selects you over someone else for any task. We put great effort is dressing but what we really put at stake are our street style shoes.

Shoes are equally important like dressing up these days whereas I must say that if you want to appear the coolest and if you really want to be attractive then shoes play a very important role. You can see many people dressed up really well but there will be very less people who are groomed very well. There is a difference between dressing and grooming and this slight difference is needed to be understood because once you understood this difference, your all issues of maintaining a charming personality will be resolved.

Dressing up means wearing a best dress but grooming means taking care of all other aspects like shoes, hair and accessories. If you are at the dressing stage then the next step towards perfect grooming is fetching some great street style shoes. Shoes are however difficult to select because you need to be careful about the comfort of your shoes and the proper height of heel whereas you don’t need to buy a new pair of shoes for every new dress but you can use shoes in combination with your dresses.

Holding on to few basic colors of street style shoes can solve your problem so that you can move on to the next step of grooming. The basic colors to fetch are brown, black, maroon, silver, pink and obviously blue. If you have these colors in your collection then you will never feel a need of fetching a new color. However you can always keep varieties in your shoes closet as in fetch some boots while fill up the rest area with heels whereas in street style blocked heels are preferred more than the pencil heel style due to the comfort factors.

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