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STOP, Be Cretive Then Plann

The traditional white and red wedding theme is more prevalent when compared to other themes such as gold and red or red black and white. Touches of red are usually added up to flare the white color during marriages that held in winter. Even so, this is a roughly a new idea as many couples opt for the blue-colored decorations to finish up the winter theme. The red wedding theme has its roots within the Chinese tradition but it is now practiced in many places all over the world. What is even more exciting is that brides have decided to do away with the traditional white wedding gowns and as alternative dress up in red gowns to match their red wedding theme. To add a twist of modernity with vintage, white lace fabric is now being used to adorn a perfectly designed red wedding dress.  Surprise your guests by walking down the aisle in a full  red dress but if you wish you can add up a little of white. Instead of the everyday red carpets leading to the altar, make some modifications and use a white carpet with red petals all over it. Better yet, have polka dot flooring. You don’t have to be married on 14th February to have a red wedding theme. This theme is very easy to recreate regardless of the venue.  Rectangular or square shaped tables are the perfect shapes to use red line. Play round with this color by accentuating it with black, gold or white table runners. If your goal was to be all red, then settle for red cutlery and plates. However you can always use black or white ones to enhance the look. Wrap the flower baskets with red satin ribbons and fill them up with red roses.  A red wedding theme creates a lot of decorating ideas and hence provides a good opportunity for the bride and groom to really personalize and own the wedding. The wedding cake should also be consistent with the red wedding theme for it to be an achievement. Utilize ribbons and rope like designs to separate the tiers. To be in sync, you can have the cake in the usual white color but decorated with black knots and red flowers or vice versa. The red wedding theme has a lot to offer and if the couples put together their ideas in a good way, their wedding is sure to be flared, bold and exciting.

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