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Steps for Planning Country Themed Wedding Ideas

A wedding in a barn is one of the most admired country themed wedding ideas. Choosing barn as a wedding venue allows you to take advantage of beautiful hills, rural settings of place and a laid back charm. With a thoughtful compilation, you can give the barn wedding arrangement a wonderful DIY touch and thus make everything look super chic. Your DIY touches to country themed wedding ideas at a barn can be somewhat new, somewhat old and somewhat borrowed.  Following are few steps on planning for a country themed wedding ideas:

  1. Venue: The country themed wedding ideas planning start from choosing a perfect venue for the celebrations just as what happens in travel wedding theme. With a careful search, you can easily stumble upon a private farm which is located outside of your hometown. The farm could be a perfect place to host the ceremony; it could be something which is more than adorable to set the mood for the celebration there. It could be a place where your guests can easily kick of their shoes and heels to whole heartedly involve in enjoyment with you. The naturally beautiful barn settings give you an advantage to host the ceremony and the reception at the same place.
  2. Decoration: The second step in planning this admirable wedding theme is to decide on the decoration of the venue. To make your guests feel comfortable with your country themed wedding ideas it is necessary to incorporate the theme in everything from the bridesmaid dresses to the country styled catering at the event. The arrangements and decorations at the venue should accommodate every need of your friends and guests associated with the special event. Hiring a private room for performers, renting a dance floor for guests and every other thing should be thought of in detail and impeccably executed on the wedding day. Though the natural settings of barn does not require you to think much on private room or dance floor. With its beauty, class and culture the barn stands alone as a wonderful venue for wedding. You can give the exterior space and landscape garden of the barn a unique and creative touch.
  3. Rehearsal Dinner: The third step in country themed wedding ideas is to plan for rehearsal dinner. You can plan for a customized plated dinner. You can opt for a family style service at barn weddings or can throw a contemporary cocktail party to make it memorable for all.

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