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Starfish Wedding Ideas for a Beach Ceremony

There are many wedding ideas today which make a wedding ceremony colorful and one to be remembered over a long period of time. With the growth of wedding planners, people have to be innovative so as to keep their clients happy and contented. Amongst the best laid ideas are the beach wedding themes. This usually captures the decorous art of a beach setting which leaves nothing to imagination. For someone interested in starfish wedding ideas below are some pointers of what can be incorporated to have a gallant wedding.

The starfish is known to be a beautiful animal of the sea and there are many places that one can incorporate its art form to decorate a wedding. For starters one can have a cake decorated using corals waylaying starfish icing in whites on a blue background. This captures the pure essence of a beach setting with the blue portraying the waters. This also goes for side piece cupcakes which can be given to guests as gifts for attending the wedding. Place cards and gifts can also be decorated with dried natural starfish for a wedding, this makes beautiful accents for centerpieces on a reception table.

As for a groom dressing the wedding boutonniere can be coupled with a starfish which is complementary to the whole wedding theme while the brides gown could have a bow held nicely at the back or on the side with a starfish pin. This makes a beautiful matching wedding decoration especially if the maids and grooms men adorn outfits that complement those of the bride and groom. Invitation cards can also carry the theme of the wedding which keeps the continuity of the affair. People get to identify the theme of a wedding from invitation cards and some also try to match and blend into the idea of the bride and groom to keep the wedding colors.

Starfish wedding ideas are limitless and cannot be exhausted especially when one has a good wedding planner. Be sure to get one who has experience in beach wedding ideas to incorporate the starfish theme and for sure one is bound to have an experience of a lifetime. Beach wedding themes give you chic and elegant weddings with a rustic feeling which can be expensive and cheap depending on a person's choice. Above ideas are just a glimpse of the many themes one can have for a wedding, a search through the internet can broaden your mind on other ideas to incorporate in a wedding.

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