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Stage a Die-For-Gorgeous Tuscan Wedding Theme

The moment you decide to tie the knot, you know whether your choice is an indoor wedding ceremony or an outdoor celebration. You would most probably choose an outdoor location if you have a large number of guests travelling from out of the place where you reside in. For them, you would definitely want to make your wedding day one long celebration. You decide to do so many things for your guests and hence you choose a romantic theme as ‘Tuscan wedding theme’ for the occasion and you decide to stage it in Italy, which is unofficially known as one of the most beautiful and romantic country after France. Now, how artistically you can take advantage of this beautiful natural venue depends on the way you decorate it for celebrating Tuscan wedding theme.

Italian or Tuscan weddings theme is generally designed to depict greatness in everything from materialist things to the wedding quotes. In these weddings, from the wedding dress of bride to the favors for guests everything is completely breathtaking. Couples select unique item for decoration.  For example, grape leaf vines, lavender and olive branches, candlelit lanterns, sunflower bouquets, olive branch place card and many such perfectly Tuscany things are selected to decorate the center tables. Wine bottle chandeliers and wooden pergolas are chosen to add a surprise element outside and inside the tents.

Bottles of olive oil, jar of species, vases of orange and green flowers decorate the dinner table to showcase the killer dinner arrangements.  A delicious and wonderful cake adorns the reception table. The beautiful and off course yummy wedding cake is cut after dinner. The cake cutting ceremony shows the smiles on glowing faces.  In Tuscan wedding theme, from beginning to end everything just sparkles. Couples who stage the Tuscan wedding theme in Italy can also give a European touch to the event. This is possible by displaying the European art such as paintings or hand painted sign boards at the wedding venue. By displaying the beautiful art work, you give a visual treat to everyone’s eyes. European touch in Italian wedding is an added bonus for all.

A suggestion to hold an extraordinary Tuscan wedding theme is to settle for nothing less than perfect. Amaze your guests by decorating the natural surroundings in astonishing way. Let them witness nonetheless than a die-for-gorgeous weeding theme and let all have a wonderful and memorable evening of their lifetime on your Tuscan wedding.

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