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Spread the Feminine Beauty with Pink Wedding Themes

Pink color is a girl because it always speaks about feminine empowerment and wedding moves mainly around bride as compared to the groom. Pink is a sign of pure love, a love which is happy and soft, if you keep all that cute immaturity yet you are the sweetest, you like to be girly and are caring you must select a pink wedding themes. If you have selected it already why not get some great good ideas about adding something greater and extra to this theme, I am here to tell you some great ideas that will perfectly match with your ideal ideas.

pink wedding themes

Particularly, if you are a pink lover, I bet you remain worried about your surroundings because you care a lot about your family and friends but your greatest need is also to be accepted and loved by your family and friends, so let us take care of you. Smashing your worries a bit here I have come up with some suggestions about this loveliest theme, brides always tend to go for lighter shades, so do you, so for your wedding dress you can wear a lighter shade of pink, don’t worry about being repetitive because to lighten up you at your wedding day different contrasts will be used in the flower décor other interiors etc.

Pink Wedding Themes 1

Deciding on cake is one of the difficult decisions of the wedding day so by taking advantage of pink wedding theme, you can go for a chocolate cake and decorate it with pink color, decoration could be of pink roses or anything and you can also go for a pink fondant or a fruit cake. There are various colors which look great with pink like red and orange, so to give that flirty romantic look to your marriage you can put strawberries and chocolate or you can simply go for the same flavored cake.

Pink Wedding Themes 2

Finishing up with the two important things, it would be wise if you make your maid of honor and the flower girl wear a darker shade of pink as compared to your dress and what else you can do is to make them wear a contrast i.e. red or orange. My suggestion still sticks to a pink flower girl because pink is actually for baby girls and it will shine up your day. You can experiment these contrasts in flowers, interiors, RSVP guest cards, table clothes etc. just make sure that everything you do is beautiful and if your color itself is so lovely you don’t need to worry about it much.

pink wedding themes 3

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