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Spread the Addictions with Your Vintage Themed Wedding

There are brides who opt for vintage style wedding and you might be one of them but do you really know what does vintage actually mean? Vintage has different meanings in different minds and people decode this word according to their perceptions while vintage is classic. Vintage means classical but not just classical vintage is related to the history of classicism and it takes the classical factor out of every era for example vintage of 20’s is feathers, pearl necklaces and champagne fountains while the vintage of 70s has long floated dresses, beach sandals, flower fairies and ribbons all around but today vintage could be anything it is just about picking your favorite classical era and arrange your wedding accordingly.

Vintage Themed Wedding

Almost all of us have got this concept that classical goes boring and vintage is classical but this is driven out of every era and vintage themed wedding focuses on the fun side of every classical era so if you are selecting this theme for your wedding be ready to have fun and bash and make people happy and smile at your grand evening. There could be various kinds of vintage themes for a wedding as vintage doesn’t focus on only one thing, it could be a spring wedding style, rustic style of wedding, retro vintage, vineyard wedding etc. but one common thing that should be added in all vintage themed weddings is music so be sure that you play good music related to your theme at your wedding day to give the pure essence of the environment you have tried to create at your wedding.

Vintage Themed Wedding 1

Elegant rustic wedding is one of the most brilliant kinds of vintage themed wedding as it is most elected where rustic relates to the nature and this wedding style moves around colors like brown and golden. Rustic wedding is mostly done at outdoors because the main focus remains on providing the natural environment while the focus also remains on the old traditions of the family.

Vintage Themed Wedding 2

In the vintage themed wedding it is best if you wear a golden colored bridal dress because the golden dress shines out in the classical décor of the theme you have managed to portray while the cake could have the combination of off white, light shaded rust color or even white but even in the cakes the classical simplicity should be portrayed through its decorations. Main thing about the vintage theme is wine so be careful that you don’t leave out the best wine in the town and provide people with the pure passion of vintage whereas adding a champagne fountain is best of the ideas so that the fountain could fill up all the areas of your wedding with the passionate addictions.

Vintage Themed Wedding 3

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