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Splashing Beach Themed Wedding Reception

The beach themed wedding reception is a romantic setting for a wedding which follows very light and mimic color combinations of sea whereas the most used colors in a beach wedding are sea blue and navy blue. Dark blue color is combination of tan and brown color so in your wedding it is not important to stick to dark blue color only but you can use tan and brown combination as well which will give the same effect but then it will take your beach wedding into a completely sensation because of using different colors.

beach themed wedding reception

The beach wedding theme decorations can follow the colors I discussed before however pink and peach colored dresses for flower girls can do great in the natural background of beach. The coral, fuchsia and orange colors are normally left out in a beach themed wedding reception because people tend to use blue colors more however you can select any color out of them to use in your beach wedding. You can try all these colors in centerpieces, lightnings and other things around your wedding reception.

beach themed wedding reception 2

Try out completely different beach wedding dress this time well I know that you can’t leave the way of white color because that is what brides love to wear especially in a beach wedding but what if your dress is white but still it is designed with longitudinal panels of navy blue, coral and pink colors. You can assign a designer who can merge all these colors and help you out in making your beach wedding dress a blast but trust me if you go for such wedding dress you will leave a long lasting mark in the crowds so be the first one to do so.

beach themed wedding reception 1

Beach sounds very little in front of the word ocean but you have a chance to stand out and merge the essence of ocean into your beach wedding theme and you can do this by taking and experimenting few ideas of ocean wedding theme into your beach wedding theme. Skiing is done in oceans only whereas if you select your wedding to be at the time when beaches are being most playful you can give your guests the atmosphere of skiing as well whereas add ocean in your cake. You can do this by making a cake free of seashells, palm trees or star fishes hire a cake designer and ask him to make your cake which gives the truly passionate feeling of deep Dark Ocean.

beach themed wedding reception 3

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