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Spirited and Unique Fishing Wedding Theme

Fishing wedding theme portrays challenging and daring personality as fishing wedding theme could be majestic like underwater marine life while you can go suspicious like mermaids or dangerous like pirates. It is upon you that either you want to go elegant with mermaids or rough and tough with pirates while fishing  wedding theme  gives the idea of fishing at the sea side while you are not going to go fishing at your wedding for sure it is just that you need to go fishy at your wedding day. Make sure that you keep the beautiful side of fishing at your wedding because fishing gets smelly sometimes but fish life could be amazing and beautiful as well so go for highlighting the good parts.

Fishing Wedding Theme 1

I am so excited to discuss about your bridal dress because you can do simple magic with your dress either you can wear mermaid shaped skirt or a long gown or the other great idea is wearing a big and grand frock with the image of scales in it making you look like a fish rather than boring mermaid kind of look. In your wedding cake give it an ocean look and put a couple of fishes over the top of the cake whereas you can use sandy color or even blue beach color.

Fishing Wedding Theme

Fishing theme is entirely related to fishes so don’t confuse this theme with beach wedding theme. The flower girls can come into a pirate look by wearing chains over their heads while the best man can go for the same. The pirate of Caribbean is your movie to watch to add in amazing things related to pirates in your fishing wedding theme.

Fishing Wedding Theme 2

In your invitation card you can use statements likes ‘we are going to hook to each other’ and use fish and net images to give the idea of your wedding theme to your guests whereas you can manage one grand aquarium at your wedding reception full with amazing different kinds of fishes to give more meaning to the theme of your wedding. People always go for selecting beach wedding themes however the fishing theme could be a unique and bold move and you can come up with amazing ideas because marine life carry magical wonders so a lot of ideas could come into your creative mind to make your fishing wedding look as magical as undiscovered beautiful marine life and at the end don’t forget to put different boats at your wedding as sitting areas.

Fishing Wedding Theme 3

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