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Sparkling and Glowing Beach Wedding Themes

There are few types of themes everyone loves and simply couldn’t go for anything else except these and beach wedding theme is one of those themes. You might be from those very people and want to start your new life with the playfulness of water but still like everyone else you also wish to make it the best and unique from all other beach weddings you have attended so far. You don’t need to worry about it now because there are various amazingly attractive and beautiful things you can experiment with and put into your wedding to make it look majestic and mesmerizing.

Beach Wedding Themes

There are various things you can get into your mind with reference to beach wedding themes like palm trees, sea shells, aquarium or starfish instead of having all these options it is better that you stick with only one or two out of these so that you can give your wedding the perfect essence and mood according to your desired specifications. In your beach wedding if you want to deal with starfish only there are things you can do greatly with this single creature.

Beach Wedding Themes 1

In your invitation card give it the color you have opted for your wedding let’s suppose you have selected the sky blue color for your wedding then you can take a card completely covered with sky blue color and print your invitation on it with a starfish image at the center of the page. It would give your guests the idea that your beach wedding theme is based on starfish and then to put more of star fish into your wedding you can put artificial starfish along with flowers in the bouquets or you can use a starfish printed paper to hold flowers together in a bouquet.

Beach Wedding Themes 2

In the starfish wedding golden brown color could also be used as a contrast with your basic color i.e. sky blue color and for you wedding dress white could do wonders because white shines out in the natural sunlight whereas you can make it more prominent and beautiful by carrying red, orange, yellow and blue colored flowers altogether in a bouquet. The flower girls can wear the colors of the flowers in your bouquet and it is better if you take two color combination in your bouquet rather than putting all these colors for example orange and blue out of these can make a great combination whereas red and yellow is again a beautiful combination. Beach wedding themes are fresh, natural and lively and you as a bride can glow in the natural light and make your wedding sparkle just by putting a little bit thoughtfulness into it.

Beach Wedding Themes 3

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