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Spanish Wedding Theme Is The Symbol Of Uniqueness, Elegance And Prosperity

Spanish wedding theme presents a coin oriented bride and cowboy look groom with the traditional family oriented party. The wedding is the dream day for everyone, and everyone wants to celebrate this historical day of their life in a historical and traditional manner. Spanish wedding theme has its own specialties and celebration. There are some things before the marriage tradition in a Spain, as the groom presents the coins for showing its commitment for marriage and the bride brings those coins at the wedding ceremony, which are considered the sign of happiness and prosperity for the bride. The cowboy look groom is the representative of the Spanish wedding theme, while the bride wears a bright colored flamenco style wedding gown.

The decorations can be done by using the coins and the bull shaped candies. The centerpieces for the reception tables must add the greenery and ivory. A traditional and cultural Spanish wedding is decorated with laces, scrubbed gold and chunky woods. The location for the wedding can be selected near a lake or a garden having traditional and cultural look of Spain. The elegance and uniqueness cannot be compromised for Spanish wedding theme. It is very similar to a  traditional Mexican wedding theme.

Spanish wedding theme can include the traditional horse and carriage for the transportation purpose. Decorations can include the square and round table combination with vases full of orange blossoms. For the more perfection of the theme, one can arrange the traditional flamenco show at wedding reception. The fruit cake and traditional Spanish cookies must be included for the entertainment of the wedding guests.

Traditionally, the bride wears a black silk dress with a triangle veil. The veil is the necessary part of the tradition. The bride’s beauty can be enhanced by providing her Spanish lace fan. A bride can also wear a black colored wedding gown, which wills sure her devotion till death. The bride also wear Latin veil, which is triangle in shape. This veil has a lace; this veil is the representative of God’s protection for the bride.

Spanish wedding theme is attached with a starting dance party of the guests for the couple. The guests gather in a heart shaped circle around the wedding couple and pleased them with their traditional dance. A devoted and fully arranged traditional Spanish cultural and Spanish themed wedding is the true representative of the uniqueness and elegance. You can see the touch of romance, beauty prosperity and happiness in each and every aspect of wedding theme.

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