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Southern Wedding Themes For People Who Are Born And Bred In South America

Whether you’re born and bred in south or you have a natural fling for South American living style, going for southern wedding themes is a good idea as it brings a natural and romantic flavor to the wedding. South American wedding can be arranged in a county side or in a ranch or in a plantation. Arranging a reception in a farm house is also an option.For southern wedding themes one should be aware of southern traditions and rituals of marriage. Traditionally, in southern weddings traditional wedding cakes flavor is of groom’s favorite taste and it is of single layer. The flavor of the cake is normally a surprise and people only finds out after cutting it first time. In South American weddings; it is good etiquette that no one should wear white dress except the bride. Bride’s wedding attire should include gloves and hat because wedding is arranged outdoors and these accessories are important to protect her from sun. For the groom’s wedding attire can be tuxedo or long coat and bridesmaid dresses can be a short or long gown made out of silk and they should carry parasols on their hand at the wedding. Southern wedding themes should include tradition South American food and drinks such as mint juleps, sweet tea and whisky with bourbon. You should add more traditional food like gumbo and jambalaya in your wedding. The table decoration should include more of natural and seasonal flowers and table should be marked with the name of the guests, so they don’t get confused where to sit and what is the sitting arrangement. South American weddings are getting popular not only among south people but also among people who don’t belong to south but wants to have fun wedding in a country and rusty style. Before going for this type of wedding you can even go and attend one of the traditional South American wedding and have a practical experience with the real southern wedding, it will certainly help you with the arrangements and planning of your wedding. The most important thing about the southern wedding is it is traditional yet much more romantic wedding theme, it makes everyone enjoy at the party and reminds them of their own most memorable day. If you have attended one of those weddings and want to have one planned for you too then go for it.

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