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Sophisticated Sunflower Wedding Theme

Every person in the world is different from other by his thought, likes or dislikes and choice of colors is also change. Some like white color while some prefer yellow or green color for the wedding arrangement. If you are planning yellow color for your wedding theme you have lot of ways to show the theme such as the best way is the use of sunflower. When you select sunflowers for the decoration of a marriage venue we can say this sunflower wedding theme that means you have chosen yellow color for the event. This color is full of energy and creates a very beautiful environment if used in a correct way.

sunflower wedding theme

When designing invitation of the marriage ceremony the image of sunflower can be pasted on it or you can add the single petal of flower on each invitation card. For the bridal dress, prepare a traditional dress and only give the design of sunflower on the backside or on the front side but in right position this will give you the top wedding themes and the dress will look unique.  Prepare a sunflower by a light fabric having light yellow shade and use pearls or small diamonds on the sides of the flower. Now stick prepared sunflower on the bridal outfit in a beautiful position like left side on chest. Garnish hair with the sunflower but it would be of normal size and place in the center of the hairstyle or head. This makes the bride princess and she impresses everyone specially the groom.

sunflower wedding theme 1

Use light green table covers and place big tray in the center, now fill it with sunflowers in a pretty arrangement. Put candles around the centerpiece and enlighten and it will form the romantic and loving surrounding that will get everyone’s attention present in the party. At reception put sunflower plants in large numbers, if you make the rows of the flowers to enter in the celebration it would be a great idea for the entrance of the guests. The background of the bride stage will be decorated with the use of sunflowers when the pictures will be taken by the photographer extraordinary photographs of the bride and groom may get.

sunflower wedding theme 2

Sunflower wedding theme is ideal for every type of marriage either it is eastern or western, arranging in summer or cold season. The color of sunflower gives a very charming view to human eyes therefore plan your wedding with the same theme and enjoy with your partner as well as the guests.

sunflower wedding theme 3

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