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Some Interesting Tropical Wedding Theme Ideas

You don’t have to go on a beach for planning a tropical wedding. If you are enough intelligent then you can create the beach theme in your hometown also. If you love beach marriage then here are some interesting tropical themed wedding ideas for you. Arrange the tables and chairs in such a way as it is done at the beach. Use shells and seahorses with the wedding cakes to create beach scenes. You can also use palm trees and white flowers to decorate the venue. The necessary elements that should be added to wedding venue depend on couple’s personality and taste. If you don’t like anything then you are free to share your innovative ideas with decorator. He will customize everything according to your taste, budget and requirement.

It would be great if you can use tropical flowers and tropical favors along with  your tropical wedding theme ideas. It will create the right image of your theme. Tropical favors may include flip-flops, palm trees, tropical flowers, mini chairs, candles, shells, seahorses, small fishes and candies. You can simply create favors using beach colors aqua, white and sand color. Once you have decided beach wedding, now you have to decide either you want flip-flops, shell designs, tropical design or mixture. It would be great to limit your wedding to tropical theme for a great wedding experience.

Once you have decided the theme, now decide your flower types. One of the best tropical wedding theme ideas is to use white and blue wedding theme and tropical flowers all around. You can also discuss the floweriest about the wedding theme. Now you have to decide how you will decorate your reception venue. You may use simple decorative elements or hanging decorations. You can browse internet or local stores to discover decoration elements. Search out the things according to your taste and personality. You can use shells for designing beach themed wedding invitations. White shells can also be used as beach themed wedding favors.

The next best idea is to use candle as wedding favors. Candles can be used alone or it can be used in combination of other things like shells, fishes, seahorses etc. It would be great to distribute attendant gifts so that your guest may have long lasting memories with them. Now don’t forget to follow all these ideas when planning for exotic wedding in your hometown.

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